David and Jasper Mocke Downwind Camp

Posted by Michelle on Fri November 17, 2017 in Upcoming Event.

The Mocke Downwind Camp starts this Friday the 24th of November and runs until the 9th December 2017.


David and Jasper Mocke  - two of the worlds best downwind paddlers and world champions host the Millers Run Downwind camp starting this Friday 24th November - 09 December 2017.

Paddlers from all over the world will descend on Fish Hoek for The World’s Best Downwind Run.

About the Downwind Camp:

Starting at Miller’s Point, a few kilometers beyond the historical town of Simonstown, the coast runs perfectly parallel to the wind until it hits land in the beautiful Fish Hoek bay.

The Miller’s Run is the training ground for the Mocke brothers. Everything these two world champion paddlers have perfected and learnt has happened on this stretch of water. With their combined knowledge and experience you cannot ask for two better mentors, teachers and coaches.

It’s an easy launch with a safe finish in the sheltered Fish Hoek waters. The run can be done in an hour or less, with a round trip from start to finish taking only an hour and a half. 

As the preferred accommodation of choice for participants, A Tuscan Villa Guest House is  proud to  welcome all participants.  We wish you all the the best of luck.

If you would like to read more about The Downwind camp or would like to participate in future camps then click on the following link: